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Fragrant Acres' Butterfly Farm had its beginning in a childhood garden. When she was little, Colleen Crawford, owner, (along with her siblings) worked in the family vegetable garden by her parents' demand. Her father paid each child a penny for every plant they individually rooted in the ground. While this gave her experience, her love for gardening really sprouted when her parents let her have a corner plot where she planted her first flower garden. The results, although not perfect, were so satisfying that she became forever hooked by the craft.

In the garden, she felt connected to God, nature, and the tiny creatures and was awed by the pure colors, perfect shapes, intriguing textures, and the magic of growing things.

Later, she read an old dusty book which melded her interests in science, gardening, and business, and it inspired her to start growing herbs and everlasting flowers.

After the drying process, she turned the flowers into arrangements, created lip balms and scented lotions, and began selling her products. With her interest in science, it was just a natural desire for her to learn about the life cycle of the butterflies that visited her garden, which resulted in today's Fragrant Acres' Butterfly Farm.

With support from her husband, children, parents, siblings, and employees, Fragrant Acres' Butterfly Farm is presently one of the nation's leading providers of butterflies for weddings, funerals, or any important event. Fragrant Acres has now been in business for 33 years. We thank God and our customers for our phenomenal success!

Colleen is also a professional writer and a counselor. We at Fragrant Acres' Butterfly Farm also recognize the power of the butterfly and the symbolism of change God made apparent in the butterfly life cycle and that this type of complete transformation is available to all people through the power of His love.

We are excited about our future plans for even more expansion and of reaching out even more deeply into our community to inspire change and transformation.

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The Painted Lady Butterfly

I'm thankful for the Painted Lady,
A small and quiet butterfly.
Some say she's not as beautiful
As that macho Monarch Guy.

Her flight is low, her wings are small,
Her color a subtle hue,
But in your heart, she'll always be
When she's all done with you.

Her flight is low for children's reach,
Small wings for those afraid,
Her color to remind us
Of the worth in all God made.

She's laid back, easy, wants to live,
And wants to fly for you.
She bows in humble acquiesce,
The smaller of the two.

Her message is as strong and clear,
Just delivered differently.
Her roots are in the Legend lore,
Whispers hope's eternity.

Now first is last and last is first,
So the winner she will be?
She'll say, "C'mon you macho Monarch guy,
Come along with me."

The wisdom Maker taught her well.
She wishes none should perish.
A race is not the point of life,
Teach love and each heart cherish.


Colleen Davin Crawford

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