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Live Butterfly Releases

There are fewer ways more beautiful to commemorate life than a live butterfly release. Butterflies are symbols of hope and their flight can be magical to witness; a butterfly release is a way to capture and honor the significance of a moment. This is why they are ideal for any monumental occasion.

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Grand Openings




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& any special occasion!

two beautiful butterflies

How Does It Work?

* Butterflies are shipped to you or the person of your choice overnight delivery. *

Live butterflies will arrive the day before your event (except Monday events, which will arrive the Saturday before. Tuesday events are the most difficult to arrange. They arrive the Saturday before, and you must feed them once. We include instructions -must be mass release. Or they arrive on Tuesday, the day of the release at the customer's risk of on-time delivery.).

* Store them somewhere cool (air-conditioned room or basement) to keep them in a sleeping state. * 1 to 2 hours before the event starts, move the butterflies to a warm, bright place (above 65 degrees, but not in direct sunlight).

* Butterflies wake up and become alert. They are now ready to release!


We can package them as a mass release from one box where they are released from a decorative box all at one time at no additional charge or in origami envelopes for a flat fee of an additional $19.00 – we personalize them for free.

For a wedding, it is usually with the bride and groom’s first names and the wedding date. There is also a $55 overnight delivery charge on shipments received Tuesday thru Friday. Saturday delivery is an additional $16.

types of butterflies

We have two types of butterflies – the smaller, friendly, and less expensive Painted Lady with a wingspan of 2 to 2.5 inches and the large Monarch with a 4 inch wingspan.

We have a two-dozen minimum order, and you can order all Painted Ladies, all Monarchs, or if you live on the eastern side of the Rocky mountains, we can mix the two types of butterflies. We call this our mixed bouquet. The deluxe mix is 50% of both types and the Discount mix is 16% Monarchs with the balance completed in Painted Ladies.

Painted Lady Butterfly

Painted Lady

Painted Lady butterflies are beautiful creatures with a wing span of approximately 2" to 2 1/2". They are well able to withstand containerization and shipment for release. They fly low and tend to flutter while flying. Painted Ladies emerge well from release envelopes.

Monarch butterfly


The Monarch butterfly has a wing span of about 4". They are an excellent release butterfly. Their flight is very graceful. The Monarch is strong and travels well. This butterfly emerges well from the origami envelopes and mass release boxes.

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